Make friends with fish! Guppyfriend stops microfibres in their tracks

Guppyfriend in box

Every time we do laundry, we could be washing microfibres down the drain and into our waterways, causing who-knows-what damage to marine life and our own health. Enter Guppyfriend, a washing bag to stop microfibres in their tracks.

Recently added to the line-up over on BuyMeOnce (which is all about products with longevity), Guppyfriend (£25) keeps clothes – and the tiny plastic fibres that come off synthetic fabrics – restrained within its recyclable polyamide bag. The bag's interior is nice and smooth to protect clothes during the wash too, to reduce wear and increase their lifespan.

BuyMeOnce Guppyfriend microfibres 2

"Tiny plastic pieces from our synthetic clothes are found in the ice of the artic and the remotest parts of the deep sea," says Alex Nolte from Guppyfriend.

"The Guppyfriend washing bag is a first proven solution to prevent microplastics from entering rivers and oceans. However, it is a stopgap and there is much more industry and customers need to do to keep harmful microplastics out of nature and our food chain."

Non-profit organisation STOP! Micro Waste – the people behind Guppyfriend – have ten ideas for what you can do to stop clothes shedding microplastics in the wash. Hubbub has launched a campaign on just this topic too, called #WhatsInMyWash.

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