Glass knowledge is cloudy for millennials

Glass: infinitely recyclable and handy for impromptu games of Connect Four

Younger people are less informed about glass recycling, according to a new survey which found only 50 per cent of British 18 to 29-year-olds knew that glass could be recycled infinitely, compared to 77 per cent of 50 to 59-year-olds.

A total of 96.4 per cent of the British millennial category claimed to recycle, the poll by glass industry group Friends of Glass found, but many may be making more effort than necessary.

"One of the great benefits of glass is just how easy it is to recycle. There has been some recent misinformation in the news about how you must wash out jars and bottles thoroughly before recycling," says the group's Rebecca Cocking.

"This isn't necessary – a quick rinse if possible is preferable but not essential and you can pop the lids and tops back on too. These will be dealt with as part of the recycling process."

The research polled 8,000 Europeans in eleven countries and found that Switzerland leads the way on the recycling front, with 99.6 per cent of Swiss people claiming to recycle, followed by Germany with 88.6 per cent.

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