Make this: Upcycled cycle head

Quick-Step cycling head on the wall

Not a fan of taxidermy? This animal-friendly alternative to a mounted stag's head from Quick-Step combines cycling with upcycling for a striking piece of wall art.

Quick Step cycle head 2

Quick-Step's how-to: cycling head on the wall

1. Have you got an old or broken bicycle lying around? Unscrew the handlebars and saddle.

2. Combine the handlebars with the saddle, or use the handlebars on their own to create a pair of animal horns.

3. Print the Quick-Step template, downloadable here.

4. Use a hand saw to cut the shape out of the wood or laminate.

5. Place the handlebars on the floorboard in the shape of animal horns and add the saddle for the complete look.

6. Attach the handlebars and saddle securely with cable ties.

7. Hang it on the wall and prepare to stun people with your cool new look!

Thanks to Quick-Step for this content.