MusicCloth turns music into portraits

Rehyphen Studio MusicCloth silhouette portrait

How many old cassette tapes do you have boxed up somewhere? They can't be easily recycled so often end up in landfill, but one craftivist group is turning them into art.

Rehyphen Studio's MusicCloth project weaves the actual tape from discarded cassette albums into personalised silhouette portraits. It's a fiddly process but saves a bit of e-waste and looks cool – each portrait will even have the name of the original cassette album on the back.

CF Rehyphen MusicCloth tapes 2

The project has passed its crowdfunding target on Kickstarter, where you can get a single MusicCloth silhouette portrait for $48 (around £37) or a couple's one ($88/£68). Or, if you donate a 100 cassette tapes or more Rehyphen will make you a MusicCloth silhouette portrait for free.

The little artworks aren't going to make a massive dent in the world's landfills, but Rehyphen Studio suggests its idea is more than that: "We [send] gentle, creative messages, [hoping] to trigger conversations about social change," it says.

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