Review: 58 Lifestyle Balancing Room Mist

58 Lifestyle home

By Morwenna Kearns

58 Lifestyle is created by 58 South Molton Street's Wellbeing Centre, a health and beauty oasis in London. I haven't been there but I imagine a warm and welcoming place that cleans off the city's grime simply by existing, which seems to be the intention of the new take-home range of home scents and skincare.

The hand-made scented home products take the same approach as the hand and body products: formulated 'to balance mind, body and soul' when city pollution, fast food, lack of sleep and even tap water take its toll.

I tried the Balancing Room Mist (£24/100ml) which, first things first, is not an air freshener. Yes, it makes your home smell lovely – and without a cloying synthetic fragrance to boot – but not for very long; that cat food bowl will make itself known again after about ten minutes.

Instead, 58 Lifestyle's signature scent with top notes of green mandarin, jasmine, geranium, coriander and ylang ylang is refreshing while warming when you need it. Calmness and tranquility is the aim here, without parabens, sulphates or harsh additives.

58 Balancing Room Mist

Even its packaging is poshly composed – monochrome naturals on a glass bottle – so your home will as feel as balanced as you do (assuming you tidy up more than I do).

The home scent range also includes aroma oil and soya candles, with which I'd happily surround myself.

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