Set the table: board games sales set to rise this Christmas

Board game

Begone, video games consoles! Tabletop games are the toy du jour this Christmas.

A 51 per cent increase in sales of traditional board games and action games among parents of four to nine-year-olds is predicted this year compared to 2015, as families make the most of quality time.

According to independent research carried out by games brand Drumond Park, the average parent has bought or is planning to buy at least three tabletop games this Christmas, in addition to the average of six games their family already owns.

"We are hopeful that such a quantum leap in purchase intentions may indicate a fundamental shift in the mindset of parents," says Mary Wood, Marketing Director at Drumond Park.

"Perhaps they feel that electronic games, while very popular with their children, don't bring the family together in the same full-on way that a rumbustious table-top game can."

Having said that, the previous research released by the brand found 86 per cent of four to nine-year-olds said playing table-top games is one of their top ways to play, so it's not just the parents.

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