Switch off on holiday to give energy bills a break

Cat by radiator

Some 79 per cent of British holidaymakers may be wasting electricity by leaving appliances switched on while they're away, with 30 per cent doing so intentionally and twelve per cent simply forgetting.

The survey, from energy supplier E.ON, found a further 37 per cent leave items such as televisions, DVD players and alarm clocks on standby while they head off on a break.

The research suggests that it's Brits' love for their pets that prevents some people from powering down, with 35 per cent leaving on things like lights, heating, the TV and radio for their cherished animals.

"When it comes to holidays, there's a lot to think about – and in the rush to get away we can overlook some of the simpler things that can help you to keep energy use low while you're not in your home," says David Bird, E.ON's Residential and Customer Operations Director.

"In our research, just one in ten told us they'd be unlikely to switch off the heating when they go away (12 per cent), and over a quarter don't switch their fridge to a more economical setting (27 per cent).

"Being careful about only leaving things on when we need them is a good habit to get into all year round, not just when we go on holiday, and this can really play a part in helping keep your household energy use under control."

For people who are worried about their home looking empty when they're away, E.ON recommends investing in a timer switch for lights and programming it ahead of trips away, while ensuring the heating doesn't come on unnecessarily by adjusting the thermostat and timings. The company also suggests doing a five-minute room-by-room sweep of the house before leaving for a break, unplugging or turning off anything that won't be used.

E.ON also offers an online Saving Energy Toolkit.

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