The Art Tiffin turns subscription boxes on its head

The Art Tiffin art materials

There's a new monthly subscription box on the block, offering a more caring alternative to beauty products and the like. The Art Tiffin contains a carefully curated selection of art materials designed to help the recipient become more mindful and even tackle mental health issues like post-natal depression.

The Art Tiffin follows psychological research showing that art and creativity can accelerate recovery from illness, and the brand uses expert opinion and data to compile each box. Even if you're as fit as a fiddle, having an incentive to take some time to unwind with a craft is no bad thing. You'll also receive creative tips and prompts via weekly emails to inspire you.

Art Tiffin launch 1

Moreover, each product in the box has been chosen to be vegan, sustainable, safe and ethical. You won't find hair from animals like sable, squirrel, horse, mongoose or pig in the paintbrushes, beeswax in the pencils, gelatine in the watercolour papers, or shellac, squid, cuttlefish, cochineal beetles or animal bones in the ink.

Basically, there are a lot of animal products and even toxic chemicals in art materials, but The Art Tiffin says it has done the work to avoid it. The packaging is biodegradable and recycled too.

As a social enterprise, the brand also plants a tree for every box sold in collaboration with the Woodland Trust and makes a donation to a nominated mental health charity.

And (and!), each box (£28.50, cheaper if you get a three- or six-month subscription) contains extra vegan treats like candles, teas and bath salts. Look out for special Christmas boxes, perfect for presents. We've put it on our list for Santa.

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