Turning recycling up to eleven: heavy metal amnesty kicks off


Here at Clearly heavy metal never went away, but a different sort is languishing in homes across the UK: around 178 million used batteries are just hanging around with millions more going to landfill.

This is a problem, firstly because batteries are filled with valuable heavy metals like lead, mercury, cadmium, zinc, manganese and lithium that could be extracted and reused, meaning less need for destructive mining.

Secondly, if not disposed of properly, those metals can leach into the ground and pollute our water supplies. Chucking those little batteries in the bin can cause some nasty consequences.

Enter #BringBackHeavyMetal, a battery amnesty launched this month by the good people at Hubbub and compliance scheme Ecosurety. Most large retailers already provide battery recycling points and now Asda, B&Q, Currys PC World, The Entertainer, Marks & Spencer and Morrisons are all getting behind the campaign.

You can get involved by sharing your recycling pictures online with the hashtag #BringBackHeavyMetal during October, which could be rewarded with a pair of tickets to School of Rock the Musical or one of 100 rechargeable battery kits.

In the meantime, please enjoy the fact that those 178 million batteries kicking about in British houses weigh the same as 28,982 Meatloafs or 55,794 Ozzy Osbournes.

There's also some totally rad videos for you to watch. Turn this up to eleven.

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