Vinegar, lavender and lemons: perk up your laundry naturally

Washing machine

Prolong the life of your clothes and make them smell amazing with these laundry tips from Hoover, using natural ingredients.

The first of Hoover's eight hacks may seem obvious, but do read the care label inside your clothes to avoid accidentally shrinking them. It's hot water than tiny-fies garments so go for a cold temperature if in doubt.

Remember to fasten all zips so they don't get caught and damaged, and definitely remember to take your clothes out of the washing machine soon after the cycle's finished to avoid mould.

To remove stains, try adding lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda an hour before throwing in the wash. A teaspoon of salt can also prevent colours from new clothes running into the rest of the load.

Hoover also recommends helping to keep towels fluffy by running them through one wash with two cups of white vinegar followed by a normal wash, and spraying clothes with a lavender oil and water solution after washing to avoid creases (lavender is a relaxant for fibres as well as for people).

Vinegar also cleans washing machines brilliantly. Select the hot water setting and the extra rinse option, add three-quarters of a cup of white vinegar to the dispenser and allow the cycle to run completely. Voila: clean machine, clean clothes.

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