WAKEcup to plastic waste: reusable coffee cup brand supports MCS

WAKEcup cups and flasks

Reusable coffee cup brand WAKEcup is to support the Marine Conservation Society's work to tackle plastic ocean pollution with a donation from each sale.

WAKEcup reckons its coffee cups – which are made from farmed bamboo with a stainless-steel lining and recyclable polypropylene lid – can handle 1,095 brews, equating to a coffee every day for three years. In comparison, almost all 'disposable' paper coffee cups end up in landfill because they're so hard to recycle, so getting a reusable cup really does make a difference.

"Plastic pollution has increased by nearly a fifth over the last decade," comments Anne Thwaites, Corporate Partnerships Manager at MCS.

"The plastic bag charge has really helped by cutting the number of bags found on UK beaches by up to 40 per cent, and by ditching the disposable coffee cup, we can help the oceans even more.

"Coffee cups are extremely difficult to recycle – only one in 400 is currently recycled – and are frequently found on our beach cleans. Like all discarded plastics, they will eventually break down into microplastics causing even more harm to the marine environment."

WAKEcup coffee cup MCS 2

Thwaites notes that as well as the environmental benefits of taking your own cup to the coffee shop, a lot of cafes also give you a discount.

WAKEcup's products include a coffee cup, mug (with a handle!), water bottle and tea infuser in sustainable bamboo – rather good for Father's Day presents, no? – and polypaper bags and a wallet. You can even get your cup personalised in Selfridges in London from June 15th to 17th so there'll be no confusion over the spelling of your name in certain coffee shops.

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