Watch this: Urban wildlife in your garden

Lavender plants

It's National Gardening Week, so there's loads of stuff happening in shops, online and IRL promoting gardening and how it's SO good for you.

Getting a bit of exercise in the garden is obviously good for your physical health but it also helps your mental health and wellbeing (which is why people in EastEnders always go to the allotments when they have some thinking to do) and for the wildlife in your neighbourhood.

Even in urban areas, creating a little patch of green space can help woodpeckers, hedgehogs, bees and more. The Royal Horticultural Society has made this incredibly handy video to help you get started with the right plants.

Greenery also cleans up the air around your home and can provide cheap-as-chips food if you can put the time in. Moreover, gardens just look amazing – Greenery is Pantone's Colour of the Year for 2017 for a reason. Follow #NationalGardeningWeek on Twitter for inspo.