Turn a White Space into a green home: new eco-store opens online

White Space Home bamboo lunchbox

There's a new eco-friendly store in town (or, rather, on the internet), with a serious emphasis on stylish sustainability.

White Space Home was opened by Sadie White (see what she did there?) at the end of last year as a response to our throwaway culture and the impact of single-use plastics.

"Everybody needs to do their bit and make small changes to their lifestyle," Sadie explains. "It's not about replacing what you have right now, it's about making sure that when you do, you choose the right item. We have sourced items that are classic, fun and long lasting making sure they don't fall in and out of trends (and then straight into the bin)."

White Space McBrushface

As such, you'll find a lot of stuff on White Space Home that is super-stylish – take a look at the bamboo lunchbox above – or very cute – why hello, Brushy McBrushface – and all designed to last.

This article includes a link paid for by White Space Home.

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