Chill out naturally on summer nights

Warren Evans bed

It's not always obvious, but British summers are meant to be hot with some stuffy nights. In order to chill out and sleep well without resorting to air-con or electric fans, British homemade bed brand Warren Evans has offered some tips.

The company's Expert Sleep Advisor Dave Gibson suggests putting your sheets in the fridge before making your bed and strategically placing hot water bottles filled with ice behind your knees and ankles. Chilling your bedtime moisturiser and a water spritzer to put by the bed can also help sweaty sleepers.

It's also a good idea to keep bedrooms cool during the day by closing the curtains and switching off gadgets. Thin, breathable cotton sheets can help beds feel cooler.

Food and drink can play a part in reducing temperatures too, says Dave Gibson. Large meals and protein create metabolic heat as the food is digested, so eat smaller, low-protein meals more frequently throughout the day instead. Chrysanthemum tea is drank in China for its cooling properties, while the chemical capsaicin in spicy foods cools the body down by stimulating the mouth's heat receptors, increasing circulation and sweating – but should be eaten at least three hours before bedtime to stop sleep interruption.

Getting workouts done in the morning rather than evening and keeping the temperature low on a bedtime shower can also contribute to a good night's sleep.

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