Get Scentered on holiday with travel-friendly aromatherapy

Scentered Travel Essentials Aromatherapy Balm Duo

All most of us want to do on holiday is relax and then really enjoy our time away. In practice, that's not so easy. British beauty brand Scentered has launched a Travel Essentials Aromatherapy Balm Duo to address just that.

The twosome (£24, available from August 1st) contains Sleep Well balm, which combines combines 14 different essential oils to help deliver relaxation and restful sleep with an oriental floral lavender fragrance, and Focus balm to wake you up again.

Designed as an alternative to caffeine to help awaken the senses, focus the mind and beat jetlag, the Focus balm contains crisp green herbs such as rosemary leaf, peppermint and clary sage.

Scentered makes its aromatherapy products in England and says it is careful to package them in line with its 'reuse, repurpose or recycle' ethos.

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