Over half of kids spend 32 hours a week using gadgets

Child using tablet

National Unplugging Day takes place on June 26th, with families encouraged to put down their smartphones, laptops and tablets for 24 hours.

More than half (54 per cent) of families polled in a new survey ahead of National Unplugging Day say their children use smartphones, tablets and computers for more than four hours either side of the school day and six hours per day at weekends, totalling 32 hours per week on technology.

The poll, carried out by MyFamilyClub, also found that 49 per cent of parents say their children's concentration levels are affected by devices and 28 per cent state this is 'a huge problem'. Some 67 per cent of parents also say they are regularly 'phubbed' (phone snubbed) by their children but felt at a loss of what to do.

Gemma Johnson, CEO and Founder of MyFamilyClub, says that 'hours spent in front of a screen day in, day out is destroying not only our children's minds but also their bodies' and advises parents to start by ditching the devices themselves.

"Let's start with our own behaviour as parents by being aware of our own usage and emotions that trigger us to reach for our devices. Once we are aware and comfortable with our own usage, we can then set an example for our children," she says.

"National Unplugging Day is a gentle reminder that you can free yourself for just a day, anytime you please. Living live 'off the grid' for what seems to be a mere moment in time. Enjoy it! And the sense of closeness it can bring to you all as a family."

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