How will you walk this May?

People walking at sunset

One-third of adults walk for less than ten minutes per week. With so many health benefits to going for a power-walk or even a sedate stroll, it's worth seeing if this can be increased. Could you #Try20 this May?

It's National Walking Month, a full 31 days to try to walk for 20 minutes every day. It's targeted at everyone, but it also includes Walk to School Week (May 21st to 25th) to get us to move the school run from the roads to the pavements.

Living Streets, the organisation behind National Walking Month, has loads of tips and ideas on how to get walking this May. How about marking a food exclusion zone around your workplace so you have to walk for at least 20 minutes to get lunch, or shake up the working day with a walking meeting? Why not get all those annoying chores done on your lunchbreak, on foot, rather than waiting till Saturday (two birds, one stone) or take the long way home.

There's a scavenger hunt bingo sheet you can print off to make a game of your stroll, or join schoolkids across the UK on May 22nd in wearing happy shoes – that's upcycling or jazzing up some old footwear to make walking that bit more fun.

Follow #Try20 and #NationalWalkingMonth on the socials to get more inspiration to get your comfy shoes on.

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