Natural oils invite you to a peaceful slumber party

Therapie Roque ONeil Slumber Pillow Spray

Apparently the oils of English botanicals are known for 'their mystical ability to promote harmonious and purposeful sleep', which perhaps explains why Brits like camping so much. Therapie Roque ONeil has been inspired by these calming aromas to create Slumber Pillow Spray.

Containing classic aromatherapy relaxants like lavender and chamomile, the blend (£29/100ml) also includes hemp oil to promote deep sleep, vetiver to calm, and spikenard, bergamot, sweet orange and neroli. You'll also find gold tincture to balance your electromagnetic flow and lapis lazuli to clear negative energy, says the brand.

"Sleep is the portal to our unconscious. It's when we rest our minds and heal our bodies, but it's also when we dream. Dreams allow us to problem-solve and make sense of our day – they can also guide us along our spiritual path," says brand Founder Michelle Roques-O'Neil.

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