New Year, new sports goal? These hacks could help

Models for Timeoutdoors

If you've set yourself some fitness and sports goals as New Year's Resolutions, awesome! And with a few life hacks you're more likely to achieve them, according to Timeoutdoors.

The outdoor activity website says it asked its members what obstacles they've faced in the past and put together some advice on how to overcome them.

First up: set a goal. Rather than a vague 'start running', how about signing up for a running event to work towards? Once you've done that, set some milestones to help you get there. Timeoutdoors suggests that 'If you're planning to summit Kilimanjaro, take on Snowdon', but the same applies for much less intense projects too. In fact, the third hack is to be realistic – newbie runners might want to tackle a 5km parkrun well before thinking about a marathon, for instance. Similarly, don't overdo it: you're more likely to suffer injuries – and hate what you're doing – if you do more training than your body can handle.

In fact, remember it's meant to be fun. Timeoutdoors recommends finding an activity you actually enjoy, training with friends, and making time for well-deserved breaks.

The activity website also advises taking a look at your diet – specifically, it favours healthy fats over carbs and junk food – but not to worry too much about your kit. As it says, 'Unless you're taking on an ultra marathon in the Sahara or an Ironman in South Africa, expensive kit doesn't make a huge amount of difference'. Finally, monitor your progress with regular events such as partkrun, but 'don't get bogged down with complicated fitness trackers'. It's about getting off the sofa, after all.

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