Send a postcard to your neighbour to cut holiday food waste

Still from Hubbub #TravellersCheck video

The always wonderful Hubbub has been banging the holiday food waste drum for some time now – as it should: collectively the UK bins half a billion pounds' worth of food before heading off on holiday – and now is spreading the word further with its #TravellersCheck campaign.

The organisation has some great advice, like cooking and freezing whatever's left in the fridge so you have a ready-made homecoming meal (and who wouldn't want that?).

Hubbub TravellersCheck 2

But it's also all about the community spirit. So how about gifting leftover food to a neighbour? Apparently 81 per cent of us would be happy to receive food from a neighbour and since Hubbub even has a downloadable postcard to hand them-next-door to explain your motives, it's pretty easy to cut food waste, make friends and not come home to mouldy food in the fridge. And you don't even need a stamp.