&SISTERS are doing it for each other, every month

&SISTERS period care subscription box

&SISTERS has launched, in what's described as 'the UK's first certified organic cotton customisable period care subscription box'.

That means that you can decide on your ideal combo of pads, liners and tampons in a choice of absorbencies, made from sustainable and biodegradable organic cotton, delivered to your door or work.

Claire Lettice founded &SISTERS when she spotted a distinct lack of information on her box of tampons about what they were made from, and eventually discovered that they're typically made up of processed, synthetic, non-biodegradable super-absorbent polymers and plastic. However, she also found out that 80 per cent of women actually believe mainstream products are made from cotton.

As a result, the &SISTERS blend is free from chlorine, perfumes, viscose and superabsorbent polymers, and is hypoallergenic and pH-neutral.

In addition, &SISTERS has committed to donate ten per cent of its profits to Binti in India and AFRIpads in Africa, charities tackling the 'period poverty' that so often forces girls to drop out of school.

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