Spiders and plants team up to save the world in new kids' book

Detail from cover of The Big Plug

What would happen if spiders and plants teamed up? They'd save the world from the impact of climate change, of course.

That's the premise of new children's book The Big Plug by Peter Grenville. When the two-legs (humans) burn too much oil and create a big blanket around Earth it gets too hot, causing havoc for Dave the cherry tree and his fellow plants. But soon 'a huge, menacing spider and his loyal army' arrive to help out.

Grenville Big Plug

"I want my readers to learn how important our plants are as they enjoy my book. If we can convince them that plants have feelings just like us, then there might be hope for a greener future," says Grenville. "Ever since Prince Charles revealed he talked to his plants, I realised that we should try to respect the things we take for granted."

The Big Plug (£6.99) is out on May 28th 2017.

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