Stay motivated to stay fit this winter

Fitness model for Sundried

Whether it's a New Year's Resolution to get fit or getting back into sports and training after a break over Christmas, a lot of us will be heading out in our Lycra this week. But, given that cold and grey January is hardly the most enjoyable time to be outdoors, staying motivated is exercise in itself.

However, ethical sportswear brand Sundried has some ideas. First of all, get the right kit – and that means layers that keep you warm and dry and, importantly, visible in low light. You should also be careful running on pavements that are slippery with ice or leaves. And remember to stay hydrated; even if it's cold, you should be sweating.

But what if it really is too cold or icy to go for a jog or cycle outdoors? There's nothing wrong with heading to a nice warm gym, class or swimming pool. You can even stay at home: look out for second-hand gym equipment and all those fitness DVDs around right now, or even make up your own circuit training routine. Chair dips, wall lunges, stair runs, star jumps, steps, skipping and sit-ups can all be done in your own house. Even racing through the housework can help you get fit.

Sundried also has some really valuable advice for getting you into the right mental zone – and staying there. Keep your expectations and goals realistic for when things get tough or life gets in the way (yes, you will miss a fitness class here and there); make it more fun and competitive by teaming up with friends; make it easy on yourself by choosing a sport or gym that's close to home; and – most importantly – go, go, go. Good luck!

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