Step up to Walk to Work Week


It's Walk to Work Week (May 11th to 15th) which means even fewer excuses not to head out on foot.

Part of National Walking Month, an annual campaign by charity Living Streets, Walk to Work Week raises awareness of the advantages of walking and encourages people to spend a little time each day heading out for a wander.

Just half an hour a day of walking, be it the journey to or from work or a lunchtime stroll, can improve health and mental wellbeing. People who normally drive or take the bus will also save money and carbon emissions.

"Walking part of the way to work is a great way of incorporating exercise into your day. So far, we have over almost 1,400 companies participating and this number is increasing by the second," says Living Streets Chief Executive, Joe Irvin.

"Doing it on the way to work or even going for a walk during lunchtime can help to improve productivity and has proven benefits to mental and physical health."

Last year, organisations including Essex University, Transport for Greater Manchester, Zip Car UK and the Austrian National Tourist Office took part in Walk to Work Week.

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