Take a tech holiday: quarter of couples see social media ruin holidays


Apparently the average internet user is on social media and messaging services for over two hours per day – which could cause problems for couples on holiday.

A new survey of over 1,000 married people found over 60 per cent said their partner checked social media at least once a day while on holiday, a quarter estimated several times a day and nearly seven per cent said their SO would be on social media 'all the time'. All this leads to frustration or anger from a quarter of the respondents, who feel their partner isn't getting into the spirit of things.

The poll was commissioned by London family law firm Brookman, which presumably sees a lot of family trips gone sour. Its advice for those who want a happy holiday – and happy marriage? Take a vacay from the internet.

"Where possible, don't take your phone with you when going out for day trips or even for just a short walk across the beach," the firm advises. "You'll not miss anything for a couple of hours and your partner will value the opportunity to talk and have your full attention. Take a camera with you for snapping those happy memories."

Flight mode is also ideal when you want to use your phone's camera or clock but hit pause on social media updates. Or if you really can't go cold turkey, Brookman suggests going 'short and sharp'.

"If you really do have to check social media, make sure you do so for only a minute or two and no more than twice a day (once in the morning and once in the evening). Most things don't need an immediate reply, so don't give yourself time to get caught up in unnecessary conversations whilst your partner is sat there waiting for you!"

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