Third of people expect New Year's Resolutions to last through 2017

Sundried runner

Now's the time for making New Year's Resolutions, and apparently 32 per cent of us expect our fitness-related plans to last the full twelve months.

The rest of us, however, aren't terrifically optimistic about carrying them through, according to a poll. Some 43 per cent of us expect our 2017 resolutions to last one month and ten per cent predict we'll give up after three. Fifteen per cent expect to continue until the summer.

The Twitter survey was carried out by sportswear brand Sundried, which has offered some inspiration for continuing with our fitness goals.

Several of its top tips include getting other people involved, whether it's setting up a training plan with a partner and planning fitness dates with them, bragging sharing your achievements on social media, or remembering to ask for help from pros when you need it.

Having said that, Sundried says we must hold ourselves accountable. An exercise log or app will help to monitor progress (and you don't have to show anyone else). Activity trackers can also help measure what you do.

As as team of personal trainers, Sundried is all about setting goals the 'Smart' way – an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time. This involves thinking about what you want to achieve before you start, breaking down those goals into smaller targets, and understanding the stages of change including maintaining activity so you don't backtrack. You can do it!

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