Two-thirds of Brits 'want to be less wasteful' in 2019

Shower head

Some 64 per cent of Britons want to be less wasteful this year, according to a new poll, which is great news. However, the same survey has revealed lots of different ways we're wasting food, water, energy and even – gasp! – prosecco.

The three main ways we're being somewhat lavish are throwing recyclable items in the dustbin (54 per cent of people polled), showering for longer than necessary (50 per cent), and overusing the central heating or setting the thermostat too high (48 per cent).

The top ten also includes driving when the journey could be easily walked or cycled (45 per cent), buying clothes that are never worn (43 per cent) and letting food go off 'because I don't fancy eating it' (41 per cent). In fact, the average UK weekly food shop is £64.76, according to the research, with 15 per cent of that food going in the bin. That's over £500 worth per year.

SellMyMobile wasteful dishwasher

Some of that is booze, too: 89 per cent of people in London have opened full-size bottles of wine or prosecco to drink only one glass. (BTW, both white and red will last for a few days in the fridge, and if they're a bit iffy can still be used for cooking.) 

In all, 43 per cent of people in the UK consider themselves to be wasteful, but 64 per cent said they'd would be taking action in 2019. For the 40 per cent who use the dishwasher for a couple of items, that's easily achievable.

The poll was carried out by – which, as the name suggests, is a website for selling your old devices – and reckons we could be less wasteful by flogging unused gadgets rather than hoarding them. Apparently they're worth, on average, £141, and contain precious metals that can eventually be recycled.

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