Watch this: Down to Earth

Still from Down to Earth

Here's a documentary with a difference: no crew or production team, just a family on an adventure with one camera each. New film Down to Earth follows Renata Heinen, Rolf Winters and their three children as they travel the world for five years, meeting indigenous communities.

Meeting with these communities – the Earth Keepers – helps the travellers learn more about how to maintain a natural balance with the Earth.

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"We wanted to create an experience and not make a 'talking heads' film," explains Rolf Winters. "To capture the journey across the globe."

Renata Heinen comments: "I believe that the energy of the recordings of the contributors in the film is so special because of the intimacy. We filmed every individual in their natural environment."

Down to Earth has won a bunch of awards including a Jury Prize at the Illuminate Film Festival and has broken box-office records in the Netherlands. It's released in the UK on September 14th.

Here's the trailer.

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