What's in the box is on the box: Yoni launches in UK

Yoni sanitary products

Femcare brand Yoni says its sanitary products are 100 per cent organic cotton and biodegradable with no plastics, perfumes or hidden chemicals – and it's challenging supermarket brands to make the same pledge after launching in the UK.

Founded by pals Mariah Mansvelt Beck and Wendelien Hebly, Yoni notes that manufacturers are not bound by regulations to list their products' ingredients on the packaging – which means a lot of women have no idea what they're putting in or close to their bodies. And since the average woman will use 10,000 sanitary products in her lifetime, that's a lot of not knowing.

In fact, Yoni came about after Mariah was advised to switch to organic tampons by a specialist following a cancer scare and she started looking for info on what goes into sanitary products. (Spoiler: non-biodegradable materials, plastics and perfume.)

Yoni's tampons, pads and panty liners, therefore, come in (very stylish) boxes with information on what the user is putting between their legs.

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