Blue Planet II 'inspiring change' in people's daily behaviour

Glass bottles

Blue Planet II continues to make waves, as a new survey has revealed people are pretty stunned by the pollution in our oceans and are perhaps changing their daily behaviour as a result.

A survey by Friends of Glass – which, full disclosure, is a campaign to promote glass – found that 83 per cent of British people say they've spotted 'a change in their own behaviour recently', with more attention paid to how their daily life impacts on the environment. Some 73 per cent of UK consumers 'rate glass as the most ocean-friendly beverage packaging' according to the poll too.

Friends of Glass Blue Planet II 2

"People have been shocked by what Blue Planet II revealed about the poor state of our oceans. When we asked respondents what sprung to mind when thinking about the ocean, 'beautiful' was one of the most popular words, but so was 'polluted'," says Brook Hayes, Communications Manager at British Glass, which manages the Friends of Glass campaign in the UK.

"Making a positive choice for glass packaging, which is one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly forms of packaging on the shelves, is one small but significant thing we can all do to take care of our oceans now and in the future."

Glass is infinitely recyclable and doesn't leach chemicals even if it does find its way into the ocean, so glass bottles and jars are often a more sustainable option.

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