Blue Planet II powering awareness of plastic problem

Still from BBC Blue Planet II

Brits are more concerned about litter than we used to be, according to a new poll, with the groundbreaking BBC series Blue Planet II helping to raise awareness.

A new survey carried out for Keep Britain Tidy found that eight out of ten people who had seen or were aware of 2017's Blue Planet II said they now consider tackling litter as more important than they used to, compared to five out of ten who hadn't seen or heard about the programme.

The poll also found that 47 per cent of those who watched the show said they'd like to take part in a litter pick, compared to 17 per cent of those who hadn't seen or heard about it, while 78 per cent of viewers said they're trying to buy less single-use plastics, compared to 37 per cent of those who hadn't watched it.

It all adds up to a growing awareness of the problem of litter – especially plastic waste getting into our oceans – and reveals the impact of mainstream series like Blue Planet II.

Keep Britain Tidy Blue Planet litter

Keep Britain Tidy released its findings ahead of the Great British Spring Clean (March 22nd and April 23rd), which it describes as 'the country's biggest-ever mass-action environmental campaign'. The charity wants half a million people to get involved in litter-picking over that period – and with its poll finding that 42 per cent of people claiming they're more likely to pick up litter than to walk past it these days, that goal may well be achievable.

Ipsos MORI, which carried out the survey for Keep Britain Tidy, has also revealed that the UK is more concerned about waste than the rest of the world – 30 per cent see it as a priority globally.

"The British are now more worried about packaging than most other countries. Programmes like Blue Planet II and the debate in the media about single-use plastics seem to have been a catalyst for raising awareness and helping change behaviour on littering," comments Ben Page, Keep Britain Tidy Trustee and Chief Executive of Ipsos MORI.

You can follow updates on the Great British Spring Clean via #GBSpringClean on the usual socials.

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