Body Shop tackles plastic with two-pronged plan

Models for the Body Shop

DYK you can take your plastic packaging back to the Body Shop for recycling and get a little reward in return? It's part of the veteran retailer's new approach to plastic waste.

There are recycling points in certain branches where you can dispose of clean, empty plastic bottles, tubs, tubes and pots then, if you're a member of the Love Your Body Club you'll get a reward worth £5 for every five empties.

Body Shop plastic 2

However, the Body Shop has also launched a new programme with an organisation called Green Force in Bengaluru, India, who work with the 'waste pickers' who collect plastic rubbish. As the Body Shop puts it, "'Waste pickers' are vulnerable to harassment by the police, constant displacement and no access to health and financial services. It's time to empower, support and celebrate them."

Body Shop plastic 3

So, working with Community Trade partner Plastics for Change, the Body Shop is buying plastic that has been collected by 'waste pickers' in India and processed into shiny new packaging. At the moment, the brand's 250ml shampoo and conditioner bottles are made from 100 per cent recycled plastic with 15 per cent Community Trade recycled plastic (excluding bottle caps) but it says it's 'just the start' of its 'commitment to tackling the plastic crisis'.

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