Buy nothing and MAKE SMTHNG, says Greenpeace

Greenpeace's puzzle game at Beijing Design Week

Greenpeace has hit back at the 'hyper-consumerism' of Christmas shopping and Black Friday by launching an alternative to make us, and the Earth, happier.

MAKE SMTHNG Week (December 2nd to 10th 2017) is a worldwide festival of making, repairing, upcycling, sharing, reusing and DIYing. Greenpeace and its partners Fashion Revolution and Shareable will hold 85 events across five continents, including in London, where people can learn the skills to create.

Greenpeace MAKE SMTHNG 1

"Black Friday has become one of the major peaks of consumerism. This shopping binge also generates greater volumes of waste than ever," explains Chiara Campione, Global Project Leader of MAKE SMTHNG Week. "This dangerous trend is harming our planet. We buy without thinking for a minute, but the waste we create will sometimes last for centuries.

"We have been tricked into thinking happiness comes from what we buy, when we know that true happiness comes from what we can create. Making fantastic creations out of things that we already own is much more fun, creative and social than buying stuff. Come join us, create your own events and make something!"

Greenpeace MAKE SMTHNG 2

Hundreds of makers, activists, artists, chefs, designers, creatives, models, YouTubers, bloggers and volunteers are set to get involved across loads of fields, from food to decor to fashion.

Orsola de Castro, Founder of MAKE SMTHNG Week partner Fashion Revolution, comments: "Reintroducing creativity, crafts and emotions in our relationship with clothes is a brilliant way to take action. We are producing over 100 billion garments per year, and wearing just a fraction of that. How much more stuff do we need? Time to care for the things we already own."

Here, here. Check out @makesmthng and #makesmthng online to check out what's going on.

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