Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley elected joint leaders of Green Party

Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley

In an unprecedented move, the Green Party will be headed by co-leaders Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley.

The Greens' only MP, Caroline Lucas, stood for election as a twosome with the party's present Work and Pension's Spokesperson Jonathan Bartley and overwhelmingly won the ballot.

A key element of their campaign was a 'Green Industrial Strategy', which was outlined in their speech at the Green Party Conference at the University of Birmingham today.

"Imagine a new plan that will meet our obligations to future generations. A plan that will create jobs in every part of the country," the speech ran.

"Imagine local communities, empowered to take control of their own energy futures. Imagine Britain as a world leader in renewable technology. Our Green Guarantee means a new industrial revolution that will work for everyone."

Proportional representation is also a goal for the Green Party, which has been led by Natalie Bennett for the past four years.

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