Documentary to tell story of Highland Tigers

Scottish wildcat from The Tigers of Scotland

The Scottish wildcat has been around for up to 10,000 years and are seriously beautiful and elusive. It's the UK's only big cat and was once native to the whole country, but there's now fewer than 100 left, making them rarer than pandas.

To tell the story and raise awareness of these 'Highland Tigers', a documentary crew is crowdfunding to produce a film. Focusing on their Highland home, the legends surrounding them and the efforts of conservationists to save them, The Tigers of Scotland is expected to be a stunning film.

A pledge of £25 will get you a copy of The Tigers of Scotland when it's released and five per cent of all pledges will be donated to charities working towards wildcat conservation and breeding programmes.

This video gives you a taste of the film, but the team's shooting it in 4K resolution so expect to be wowed by the finished product.

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