Fruit and veg go loose at Tesco in plastic-cutting drive

Loose peppers in Tesco

Apples, mushrooms, avocados, peppers, onions and bananas are roaming free in Tesco's Watford and Swindon supermarkets in a new trial to reduce plastic packaging.

"We want to remove as much plastic as we can from our products, only using what is necessary to protect and preserve our food," explains Tesco's Director of Quality Sarah Bradbury.

"We hope this trial proves popular with customers. We'll be keeping a close eye on the results, including any impact on food waste. Whatever happens, we're going to keep reducing the amount of packaging we use and ensure everything on our shelves is fully recyclable."

Some 45 previously packed foods have been removed from the two branches, with customers' reactions surveyed. It's all part of the supermarket giant's plan to create a closed loop for packaging, 'including eliminating hard-to-recycle materials, reducing overall packaging volumes and making it easier for customers to recycle', it says.

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