#GiveAKnit this Christmas Jumper Day

Christmas tree decoration, bear wearing jumper

It's Christmas Jumper Day on Friday! Yay! But a quarter of the novelty sweaters bought last year either went in the bin or are unlikely to ever be worn again! Boo!

It's as silly as a pantomime, really: a lot of people don't want to be seen in the same Christmas jumper as last year so they buy a new one, maybe chucking it away after a wear or two.

According to recent surveys, some 29 per cent of people say they're so cheap they may as well get a fresh sweater every year. Yet something like £220 million will be spent on festive jumpers in the run-up to Christmas this year, which doesn't sound so cheap after all. It's also pretty pricey for the environment, and for a lot of the workers who make them.

This year, environmental campaign group Hubbub suggests we should #GiveAKnit instead. Rather than buying a so-called cheap new jumper, how about swapping your old one with a friend?

Alternatively, you could jazz up a plain old top with some festive appliqué (it's easier than it sounds), pompoms or bows – Hubbub has some how-tos. Or – and this may sound crazy – just wear last year's, smug in the knowledge that you are helping the environment and your bank balance.

Check out #GiveAKnit online to see what everyone else is rockin' around the Christmas tree this Christmas Jumper Day.

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