Kids go plastic fishing in a recycled plastic boat

Hubbub Poly-Mer

If you're around Canary Wharf in London today keep your eyes peeled for the Poly-Mer: the world's first boat made from recycled plastic waste, being used to fish plastic waste out of the Thames.

The twelve-seater punt is made from Plaswood, a material made up of 100 per cent recycled plastic waste. Today school children from Canary Wharf College will board the boat armed with nets to go plastic fishing.

Hubbub Poly Mer plastic fishing 2

Poly-Mer is the latest brainchild of environmental charity Hubbub in its fight against plastic, with support from Sky Ocean Rescue.

"The problem of plastic pollution of the oceans and the terrible impact this can have on wildlife is now widely understood thanks to campaigns such as Sky Ocean Rescue," says Trewin Restorick, Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Hubbub.

"What people perhaps don't realise is that 80 per cent of ocean plastic comes from land and travels from our hand to storm drain, river or seas. We built the 'Poly-Mer' to turn part of the problem into a solution and hope it will raise awareness that everyone can play their part to tackle plastic litter closer to home before it travels out to the ocean."

Here's Trewin with more info.


Poly-Mer was made by 'maverick' boat-builder Mark Edwards in Richmond, who who also built the Queen's barge Gloriana.

"It was a challenge but such a worthwhile project that experimentation began immediately," he says. "The lovely result was that since plastic wood can not be effectively glued mechanical fastenings had to be used, and the winner was the 'clenched copper nail' invented two thousand years ago and used so effectively by the Vikings who ventured so far afield in their 'clinker' (a corruption of clench nailed) longships. Old and new come together to produce the Poly-Mer, long may she rule the seas!"

Check out #PlasticFishing online so see her progress.

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