Make some noise! We're bringing back heavy metal

Hubbub Heavy Metal batteries

What's that sound? It's heavy metal – and Hubbub and Ecosurety are bringing it back. Or, specifically, they want you to return heavy-metal filled batteries to be recycled.

It may seem like a small problem but there are something like 178 million used batteries hanging around in UK homes. These contain metals including lead, mercury, cadmium, zinc, manganese and lithium which can all be reused. And if they end up in landfill instead, those metals leach out and cause horrible environmental damage.

Hubbub heavy metal selfie

Throughout October, Hubbub – the excellent environmental charity who've also made boats out of recycled plastic and pushed for coffee cup recycling points in London – is urging us all to dig out all those old household batteries and take them to a collection point.

We're also very much encouraged to #BringBackHeavyMetal by posting a metal hand selfie online. Turn up the volume.

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