Mid Scotland and Fife residents named UK's best recyclers

Plastic bottles for recycling

People living in Mid Scotland and Fife are the biggest recyclers in the UK, according to new figures which show up to 55.15 per cent of their household waste is disposed of in the recycling bin.

Two more areas of Scotland – Lothian and Central – make up the top three, with household recycling rates of 51.26 per cent and 48.46 per cent respectively.

Hillarys UK recycling rates

Residents of the South East of the UK, at a rate of 36 per cent, at the bottom of the list of keen recyclers.

Overall, the stats show that here in the UK we recycle 45 per cent of our waste – rather less than the typical rate of 60 per cent you'll find in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany. Evidently each person UK sends our own body weight in rubbish to landfill every seven weeks.

The numbers come from curtain and blind brand Hillarys, which has put together this revealing infographic (above).

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