No bottling it for Waitrose: black plastic phase-out continues

Waitrose plastic drinks bottles

Small drops make an ocean, right? So it's good news that Waitrose is replacing all of the black plastic caps on its food-to-go takeaway drinks bottles with recyclable clear plastic ones.

Back in January, the supermarket announced it would stop selling own-brand food in black plastic trays by the end of 2019, or the close of this year for fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, as part of a wider sustainability drive.

Black plastic is a lot harder to recycle than clear, because the lasers used by waste processors can't recognise the colour properly. This means most of it heads to landfill. Just the small step of replacing black caps with clear ones could save 17 tonnes of plastic from landfill every year, Waitrose estimates.

"Our pledge to phase out all own-label black plastic packaging is a challenging one but we hope it shows how serious we're taking this issue," says Roxanne Bennett, Food to Go buyer at Waitrose. "As black plastic remains tough to recycle, we're pleased we can switch our food to go drinks lids to widely recyclable clear lids."

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