Scots want next government to prioritise renewables

Solar panels on roof

A poll ahead of the election in Scotland (May 5th 2016) has found that 70 per cent of Scottish people want to see the next Scottish government introduce more renewable energy.

The YouGov poll, commissioned by Scottish Renewables, found a clear majority of voters are in favour of seeing more wind turbines, solar panels and wave and tidal projects producing power. A further two-thirds said the new government should 'continue to take forward policies that tackle greenhouse gas emissions and climate change'.

Some 42 per cent of those surveyed said the new government 'should not prioritise building new or extending the life of fossil fuel power stations'.

In comparison, 33 per cent would like to see new nuclear power plants and 19 per cent want fracking for shale gas to be treated as a priority post-May 5th.

"The poll suggests that the people of Scotland continue to be strongly behind the growth of renewable energy, with support for the sector way ahead of any other," comments Niall Stuart, Chief Executive of Scottish Renewables.

"Just months after the Paris climate change agreement, the poll also shows clear support for Scotland's next government to prioritise policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions."

The survey also found people are keen to take energy into their own hands with solar panels topping the list of renewable energy devices respondents would consider installing in or around their own homes.

"While only four per cent of the sample has small scale renewables at home, there is clear appetite amongst householders to generate their own renewable energy," adds Stuart. "More than a third of those surveyed saying they would consider solar panels to power or to heat their homes, and 20 per cent interested in installing a wind turbine or biomass boiler."

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