Shoppers call for less plastic packaging

Loose fruit for sale

Over half of small retailers have experienced a fall in sales of products packaged in plastic over the last six months, as people's shopping habits change.

According to a survey, 54 per cent of small UK retailers have seen a decline and respondents have suffered an average 3.6 per cent drop in takings as a result. The stats come from merchant services provider Paymentsense and only cover small businesses, but suggest a wider trend.

Paymentsense retailers plastic 2

Sales of fruit and vegetables wrapped in plastic are top of the list of products hit by consumers' switch to more eco-friendly goods, with drinks in plastic bottles, plastic cutlery and straws, tea bags, cling film and frozen food with plastic packaging also making the hit-list.

The good news for everyone is that 41 per cent of these shops say they now stock unpacked or loose goods or products in plastic-free packaging as a result of consumer demand. Thirty per cent also said they're now recycling more.

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