Starbucks 5p coffee cup charge 'to kickstart paper cup recycling'

Starbucks reusuable cup

At least ten new paper cup recycling projects will launch across the UK through The Cup Fund, a new grant initiative from Hubbub financially supported by the 5p charge that Starbucks levies on takeaway coffee cups. In a blog, Hubbub says the fund will 'kickstart paper cup recycling across the UK'.

Organisations including social enterprises, local authorities, recycling companies and property owners are encouraged to apply for the grants of between £50,000 to £100,000.

Hubbub has form on innovative projects that have helped increase recycling rates – including the Square Mile Challenge which saw over 5 million coffee cups collected and recycled in the City of London – so the The Cup Fund is significant.

Moreover, Starbucks's 5p charge has boosted reusable cup use from 1.8 per cent nationwide to over five per cent on all hot drinks sold, says Hubbub. The organisation adds that has lots of new ideas for encouraging the use of reusable cups coming soon.

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