Third of Brits eat no or less meat 'in era of the mindful consumer'

Vegetable soup

One-third of the UK population eat no meat or have reduced the amount in their diet, according to new figures – suggesting we are now more mindful of our wellbeing and the environment.

Thirteen per cent of people now identify as vegan or vegetarian – although apparently half of all these say they eat meat 'at weekends', 'occasionally' or 'on special occasions' – and 21 per cent as flexitarian.

Additionally, 60 per cent of Brits now use a refillable water bottle and coffee cup more often than we used to, perhaps as a direct result of heartbreaking episode of the BBC series Blue Planet II about plastic: 88 per cent of people who watched it said they've changed their behaviour.

Waitrose Food and Drink Report 2018 19 2

These figures come from a new report from Waitrose & Partners, although the supermarket stresses it's based on OnePoll consumer research across Britain, not just its own customers, but is supported by its own data.

"Being mindful of how we live and eat has become a priority in today's world," comments Managing Director Rob Collins.

"As we become increasingly mindful of our own health, the wellbeing of our family and that of the planet, we're reshaping how we shop, cook and eat. Welcome to the era of the mindful consumer."

The report also offers a fascinating insight into lifestyle trends, including a thirst for apple cider vinegar and vegan fave aquafaba, a shift towards lighter evening meals, exercise and getting up earlier in order to take care of ourselves better, and a continued love for a Sunday roast.

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