Unpackaged and Planet Organic collaborate on 'the future of shopping'

Unpackaged dispensers at Planet Organic

Planet Organic supermarkets are to feature packaging-free dispensers for raw food, thanks to a partnership with Unpackaged.

Take your own bags and containers down to the branches in Torrington Place, Westbourne Grove and Muswell Hill in London and fill 'em up from refillable dispensers containing things like cereals, rice, nuts, seeds, pulses, pastas dried fruit and chocolate, all self-service and easy to use.

Planet Organic Unpackaged 2

Unpackaged was founded by Catherine Conway in 2006 as a solution to packaging waste, first at East London market stalls and then a shop in central London. She now works with businesses to reduce packaging at all stages of the supply chain, including by identifying the difference between bulk and refill shopping.

"With bulk, the customer is offered alternative packaging – often more plastic bags, whereas refill shopping is all about enabling customers to bring their own containers," she explains.

"To do this, we give them the ability to 'tare' and deduct the weight of any container they bring from the overall weight of the goods they are buying, so it's self-service, easy to use, and complies with all legislation on weights, measures and labelling."

Conway declares the Unpackaged co-lab with Planet Organic to be 'the future of shopping'. "Without getting sentimental, the 'old' way of shopping was much, much kinder to our environment. Supply chain was a simpler affair, and bulk offerings allowed shoppers to choose how much they wanted, thus cutting down on packaging AND food waste. I'm incredibly proud today. It's a massive step in the long journey towards a truly zero waste weekly shop."

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