Exercise your brain at the Cerebral Gym

Abstract of brain nerves

"Exercising the body has become a way of life. Isn't it time we start going to the gym to challenge our minds too?" So says James Vogl, founder of Cerebral Gym – a new concept for getting our brains fit.

The cleverclogs behind Cerebral Gym intend to roll out live lectures, performances and more across the country as well as offer online content, but it'll all kick off at a pop-up event in London on Sunday May 13th.

Cerebral Gym launch 2

The launch will include James Vogl himself – a former professional backgammon and poker player and macro hedge fund manager – in conversation will fellow poker pro Victoria Coren Mitchell, a chat with mezzo soprano Angela Simkin, a session on learning bridge in an hour, talks on the Quran, parenting, and stress management and communication techniques. A meditation room, massages, a chill-out podcast and meals are also part of the whole shebang.

"We hope to create permanent, modern and vibrant venues where people can take something more meaningful out of their leisure time. Learn, eat, drink and play, in a non-pretentious, buzzing environment," says Vogl.

Cerebral Gym will take place at the House of St Barnabas in Soho, London from 11am.

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