Heathrow sets targets for food retailers to aim higher

Family at airport

Heathrow Airport's food and drink retailers will be expected to reduce food waste, water and energy and to help out their local community under new guidelines.

Punnily titled Ingredients for Success, the 'UK's first airport sustainable restaurant guide' encourages Heathrow's eateries to reduce energy use by ten per cent for every person served and to contribute to the airport's target to recycle 70 per cent of all food waste – the airport has its own cooking oil recycling programme which should help – and expect to be audited through a sustainability mystery shopper scheme.

Businesses' staff are expected to pitch in, for instance by taking up Heathrow's car sharing scheme, while employers should also look to hire people from the local community. The airport also has its own charity, the Heathrow Community Fund, which retailers are urged to support.
"Heathrow is a small city, hosting over 400 companies, 76,000 employees, and serving 190,000 passengers every day. An operation the size and scale of Heathrow relies on collaboration with our partners to ensure our sustainability ambitions are realised," says Jonathan Coen, Retail Director at Heathrow.

Heathrow partnered with the Sustainable Restaurant Association to draft the guidelines. The SRA's Founding Director Simon Heppner comments: "The public's appetite for a sustainable dining experience is increasing significantly – wherever they are eating out. So for Heathrow to put sustainability at the heart of the passenger experience is a very welcome and positive move."

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