Light up your campsite with sandwich-sized flatpack lantern

BioLite BaseLantern

The BioLite BaseLantern is, we're told, 'the world's first flatpack lantern that combines breakthrough edge-lighting with Bluetooth connectivity to bring you a portable lighting solution that doubles as your own miniature smartgrid'.

Essentially this means off-grid lighting and gadget charging, plus real-time analytics sent to your phone, in a package the size of a sandwich.

Currently funding on Kickstarter, Brooklyn-based BioLite is offering the BaseLantern along with a solar panel system for pledges of $149 (£104) and over, meaning total off-grid lighting.

Moreover, BioLite is reinvesting proceeds from the BaseLantern and its other outdoor products into the distribution of HomeStoves across India, Kenya and Uganda. Providing a clean cooking and charging system – which means keeping lights on after dark without dirty kerosene – HomeStoves can create healthier and safer living environments, business opportunities and education.

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