Warm up your singing voice for the National Nightingale Festival

RSPB nightingale

It's spring! That means the song of the nightingale will weave through the air during the long, warm evenings.

But, sadly, this might not be the case for much longer. There are only 5,500 singing males in the UK these days, meaning the species – and their song – is at serious risk of vanishing.

The RSPB is working hard to address this problem and to introduce people to the nightingale's song with a series of events in 22 locations across the UK. Held over six weeks, the National Nightingale Festival will include guided walks in areas not usually not open to the public and musical events inspired by and featuring the nightingale's song.

"The nightingale is an amazing bird, difficult to spot but has a song that is impossible to forget. It is a song that has inspired poetry throughout the ages, and provided the soundtrack to many summer sunsets," says the RSPB's Adrian Thomas.

"But this wonderful song might one day be lost from our countryside, so we have created the Nightingale Festival as a way of not just celebrating their song but showing everyone just what we might lose if nightingales disappear from the UK.

"The events are a wonderful way to spend an evening, and discover the fantastic species we share our country with."

Check out the listings online and – to get you in the mood – immerse yourself in this little guy's beautiful song.

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